Speak Your Mind, Wear Your Heart

Our aim is not only to bring turbo charged style and flair into your home and wardrobe, but to anchor that shared taste in a community of individuals that stand together to say, "My voice matters."

We Are


Here's a cheat-sheet from Most Affordable to Most Premium, to plan your next purchase. Don't tell mom.

Most Affordable


Rebel Tees

Hats, Framed Posters

Long Sleeves, Framed Posters

Most Premium


We aren't about excluding people so that the wealthy can flaunt their cash.

We have a ranged selection, with a focus on quality and affordability. We've tailored our prices with shipping in-mind, so that batch purchases save you money.


Here are some ways we reduce needless waste:

  • 80% of our products shipped in region they were fulfilled (emissions reduction)

  • Print on demand - product created per-order (textile waste reduction)

  • Integration of eco-products containing 70% of organic or recycled material

  • 90%-100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging in the U.S.


Our competitors will brag of their minimal impact with marketing jargon and toxic positivity to mislead good-intentioned people into believing their company is "saving the Earth".

The sad truth is, the entire U.S. emits less than half of China's total carbon emissions, as of data recorded in 2020, but the U.S. themselves also dumps an astonishing 11.3 million tones of textile waste every year.

We value sustainability, but we have a vow to honesty and transparency with our impact. We don't claim to save the Earth, especially against those numbers, but we sure as hell make an effort to produce as little waste as possible.

Why drop wrappers on polluted trail? Join us, in setting the new wave of ethical sustainable business practice.

Community Focused

Our aim is to amplify your voice and experiences, and to foster a culture around our brand to become an anchor of unity and civility.

Read below about our core tenants. Join us, to join the conversation! Your voice matters here!

Our Core Values

  • The eye of lady justice is blind, as are many to powers that flourish under polarization and division.

  • We believe that you're smart enough to process information and make moral judgements on your own.

  • And we believe that people can freely and peacefully exchange ideas, right and wrong.

Say It Out Loud

When you proudly dawn and display our products, it’s a vote for free speech, a commitment to fight for unifying human principles, and a badge of honor that invites and attracts others who share our goal of agency and unity.

  • We are individuals united in a cause to say, “I have a story and a voice with value.”

  • Because alone, no one is hearing us.

  • Unlike our corporate counterparts, we don’t expect each other to fall in line and adhere to a checklist of prescribed values.

  • We are not all in agreement. We’re of different cultures, experiences and philosophies.

  • We treat each other's experiences with reverence and respect, and with curiosity and openness, in spite of our differences. 

  • We're not perfect, but our pursuit of authenticity and truth is what sets us apart. We can acknowledge our mistakes and help one another as we all grow.